Hook & Reel

As the name implies, Hook & Reel is in the business of helping you set the hook on your target market and reel them in closer.

Branding is the foundation of our work, just as a lure is fundamental to your fishing trip. Logos are lures. You decorate them (brand them) to appear the most attractive to the catch (target market) you’re after, but the most important part – the hook (the logo) – is never forgotten or drastically changed. For if it changes, the lure (brand or campaign) loses its reliability and function.

Beyond logos and branding, the services at Hook & Reel are specific to the needs of health and wellness businesses, and include websites and brand collateral for print and web use

I'm Caitlin

Born and raised in Holland, MI, my interests have been fed by Holland’s broad support of the arts, rich dutch culture, and any water or shore sport that would land me closer to Lakes Michigan and Macatawa.

My love for art and design started young with pencil drawings of people, and though I love acrylic painting and graphic design, charcoal pencil continues to be my favorite medium, today. And my favorite subject matter to illustrate? The human form.

My favorite extracurricular activities are tubing, wake boarding, swimming, biking and sunbathing.

My Mission & Goals

My mission is to support health and wellness entrepreneurs and practices through an intentional and impactful marketing presence by finding their audience, 

My Education & Experience

Masters of Science in Biomedical Visualization | University of Illinois, Applied Health Sciences, 2015

Bachelors of Art in Biological Illustration and Commercial Design | Olivet College, 2012